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Kristina Piilik

Piilik, pilt 1Kristina Piilik holds a master’s degree in East European Studies from Freie Universität Berlin. Currently she is a PhD candidate at the same university, and is participating in the program at the Graduate School of Global Politics that cooperates with four Chinese universities: Renmin University, Fudan University, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and Jinan University.

Her main research interests are related to the democratization processes in East Europe and Southeast Asia. In the Asia region Kristina’s focus is mainly on states that have a connection with communist regime like Cambodia and Laos, but also China and Vietnam.

Additionally, Kristina is a Consortium Fellow of the University Consortium, which is a collaboration among several universities including; Freie Universität Berlin, University of Oxford, Harvard University, Columbia University, Moscow State Institute for International Relations, and National Research University – Higher School of Economics.