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Asian research centre in Estonia brings together different parties – academia, the state and state-funded actors, entrepreneurs, and civil society organisations – to foster knowledge transfer and strengthen Estonian competitiveness in Asia.


Estonian universities carry out Asia related scientific and educational activities, offering in-depth knowledge about Asia that is underpinned by long-term and consistent scientific research. The teaching staff members have established personal and official contacts, and through their long-term cooperation or extensive stay are well familiar with local understandings and behaviours.

The state

Estonian State has set up various support systems and initiatives to facilitate cooperation with partners from Asia, and promotes development of understanding competence in this area.


In the dynamic and rapidly developing Asia the primary target markets of Estonian businesses are Japan and China, but efforts are also made towards other Asian markets, such as South Korea, countries of Southeast Asia and India. In respect of finding investment opportunities and cooperation relations the most active steps have been taken by traders from China. The academia and the state support the business community in finding contacts and interpreting market potentials.

Civil society

A number of Estonian NGOs are operating in different countries of Asia. In collaboration with local organisations they are mainly involved in various projects for protection of the environment and human rights, improvement of health and education services and fair trade projects within the development cooperation framework. Furthermore, several Estonian organisations are focussed on acting as intermediaries for volunteer engagement.

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