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Asian Research Centre in Estonia is an initiative launched in 2014 by the Ministry of Education and Research in cooperation with three universities – Tallinn University, University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology.

Our objectives:


 –  To integrate individuals and dynamic institutions (universities, state agencies and entrepreneurs) of Estonia who are engaged in activities related to Asia into a single network

–  To provide actors in Estonia information on Asia related developments, organisations and individuals, assisting interested parties in finding events, specialists or agencies in their particular area of interest.

 –  To foster studies of Asia related topics in Estonia, and to promote cooperation between different parties, making better use of the existing potential and resources in order to facilitate success on Asian markets and politics, essential for the development of Estonia.

What do we do?


–  We bring together people, organisations and businesses, who are not necessarily familiar with each others’ Asia related activities.

–  We are creating a common platform where individuals, organisations and companies, studying Asia and interested in the region, can meet and communicate

–   We are promoting cross-field cooperation possibilities and contacts

–  We develop cooperation between scientists researching topics related to modern societies, economy and politics in Asia both at the Estonian as well as at the international level.

If you have any questions the Asian Research Centre in Estonia will put you into touch with representatives of the respective organisation and/or company.
We would also welcome suggestions for developing the Centre and its website.
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