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Margit Juurikas

??????????????????????Margit started her in depth research on topics concerning Japanese classical theatre, literature and society in 2004 when she entered the Master’s programm of Gakushūin University in Tokyo. She defended her Master’s dissertation entitled ‘Theoretical analysis of Kyōgen based on ‘Waranbegusa’’ (狂言論研究―『わらんべ草』を手がかりに―) in 2006.

As of 2010 she delivers various lectures on Japanese literature, history and society within the Asian Studies’ programme of Tallinn University. She also teaches Japanese.

In addition to the above Margit Juurikas translates Japanese literature. Her translations range from classical (Matsuo Bashō) to modern Japanese literature (Mishima Yukio, Ōe Kenzaburō et al.).

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