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Tanel Kerikmäe

TanelresizeTanel Kerikmäe is a professor of European Law at Tallinn University of Technology. He has studied at Tartu, Tallinn and Helsinki Universities and has advanced his studies through courses at Cambridge, Oxford, EUI as well as other international courses. His practical experience in Central Asia comes from his involvement in the EU project in Kyrgyzstan where Tanel spent a long period of time as a GTZlegal expert and was one of the leaders of the unit responsible for the constitutional reform. During his career as a teacher Tanel has taught Human Rights, International Law and European Law (also concentrating on the prism of cultural relativism and the law of international relations) both in Estonian and foreign universities (RGSL, University of Lucerne, Bishkek). He has been project expert for the European Commission EACEA also an active member of the ECSA introducing a European legal area in Asian countries and promoting dialogue between European and Asian legal cultures.

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