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Christer Ljungwalli avalik loeng Hiina uuest siiditeest (21.03)

TÜ Aasia keskus ja Johan Skytte poliitikauuringute instituut esitlevad Christer Ljungwall’i avalikku loengut Hiina uuest siiditeest:  “The New Silk Road and China’s Initiatives in Northeastern Europe”´

Aeg: 21.03, kell 16.15
Koht: Lossi 36-214

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Loengu tutvustus inglise keeles:

China’s economic and political clout in Europe is growing. The New Silk Road initiative promises extended cooperation with countries across Eurasia, including Estonia. What plans do Chinese leaders have for this part of the world? How will the “northern corridor” through the Arctic change trade flows? And how will this effect political relations? Dr. Christer Ljungwall is uniquely positioned to answer these questions.

Dr. Ljungwall lives in Shenzhen where he works for Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS). He is partner at ENC International Advisory Group. In previous positions he has served as Head of Office of Science & Innovation Embassy of Sweden in China, Sr. Economist at Asian Development Bank etc.